Who am I?



Hi, I’m Jane McAlister and I love blogging about movies that I have watched therefore providing readers with the much needed information that will enable them to understand the movies better. I have watched movies since I was 6 years old (you could call me a movie buff…actually I am obsessed with movies) and to date, I have not relented my thirst for them.

I started writing movie reviews a few years ago after falling in love with movies of different genres from around the world as a hobby. My desire to write was prompted by the lack of proper movie reviews that provides comprehensive information about the movies that is the story line, the cast and useful criticism about the movie.

I love watching movies of different genres like comedies, love stories, dramas, action, science fiction and animations. My blog posts are not spoiler alerts(although you may find a few points…sorry for that) just general information about the movie from my interpretation.

When I am not blogging or watching a movie, I have quite a collection of books ranging from sci-fi to thrillers, romance to fantasy. You can contact me here.